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7 Blissful Things You Should Not Be Afraid to do Alone

For many years, I did not want to go out on a Friday or Saturday by myself. I always wanted to be with friends or family. I did not want to look “single and forever alone.” But since moving to Jacksonville, I took a giant leap into a new season of life. I decided that I could not be safe in the old, traditional Bianca but expand my horizons. For anyone who struggles with being adventurous, you just have to tell yourself to try something new. If you do not like the experience, then at least you know. Don’t go through life saying what if?

Some of these items I have done or am currently doing. But I encourage you as a single person or as an individual to be safe and experience new things ALONE!! So here is the Blissful List:

  1. Have dinner alone. I have done this on a few occasions, even on Friday/Saturday night date night. People watching can be fun with just you. You can order whatever you want without worrying if you have good table manners or not. So order those ribs, wings, and salads. Enjoy yourself.
  2. Shopping. Sometimes you just need to know what you like and not be afraid to try on a new top or printed jeans. You are the one buying and wearing it. You don’t need to worry about finding the shopping friend you lost in the store. And, you can always ask someone who works there (or ask a nice looking person..I do that often) to ask their opinion. But shop for you and treat yourself. You deserve it.
  3. Live by yourself.  It is nice to have your own space and control where everything goes. It can be as messy or as clean as you want. You can make your place, yours.
  4. Go to a Museum. If you are like me and read the caption to each art piece, you can spend hours at a museum without worrying or losing your friends. For my birthday, I enjoyed a mid-morning adventure to a local art museum in Jacksonville. I got to take in the exhibits and gardens. It was nice and peaceful. Not saying that I would not to go with friends but it is a different experience when you go by yourself.
  5. Go to the movies. It is especially great if you are the only person in the theater. It is just a new experience when you can take in the movie without whispering, cell phones going off, and other  distractions
  6. Vacation. I hope to do this someday and go a mini-vacation with just Bianca, taking in my surroundings and not dealing with people but just being on my own.
  7. Go out on a Friday or Saturday night. I usually paint or walk around a public place cause single people can go out too. People watching is also fun too

It’s worth a try. Be remember to be safe when you venture out on your own. That is very important. Try these blissful things and comment below on your experience. Or if you have suggestions on other fun things to do alone, comment below.



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