A Word from Mama B!

Can Mama B be real with you?

I have found my voice!! Not literally, but figuratively. I loved to be liked and loved by everyone. People’s opinions mattered to me.

Fast forward to today, my voice is much loud and bolder. I am not being too obnoxious but I know what I deserve in life. My God says that I can have life abundantly in Him and that does not include negative, toxic people. Elimination of toxic people make my life freer to things that matter like school, family, my true friends, and most importantly, God.

It was hard at first cutting people off because I would be hurting their feelings. But, I needed peace of mind.

So I will encourage you with this:

If you value myself, you won’t give people discounts to hurt you or pull you down.There are moments where it is ok to be selfish and take care of your well-being. You deserve to love and be loved by genuine people who have your best interest at heart.  

Mama B loves you so take care of yourself and everything will work out for the better.



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