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Life As Bianca: Year 2017

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We have reached another year: 2017!!!

A habit I have is I tend to take care of everyone else and forget about myself. I need to be better about that. So this segment, I will talk more about myself and my journey. So I decided to make a new segment: Life as Bianca.

My goals for this year (I refuse to say resolutions):

  1. Graduate law school.
  2. Cook more.
  3. Save money and manage my money effectively.
  4. Learn how do a cat eye (Always wanted to learn).
  5. Paint and color more.
  6. Be a better blogger and reach more people.
  7. Do effective bar prep (Taking it February 2018).
  8. Spend more time getting into the Word and strengthen my faith more.
  9. Give out handwritten cards to people just because.
  10. Declutter the excess in my life. 
  11. Continue to eliminate negativity whether by people or things.
  12. Run again.
  13. Do more community service/pro-bono work.
  14. Be more organized and stick to a schedule.
  15. Speak more Creole.
  16. Make career choices towards my future (finding a job).
  17. Spend less time on technology (easier said than done)


I know…it’s quite a list. Each year that passes, I want to keep growing and keep striving for excellence. I hope you all will join me on this journey. Make a list and stick to it. Tell me what you want to accomplish in 2017.



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