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Blissful Thoughts to Resist As A Single Person in February

via Daily Prompt: Resist

So February is upon us. As a single person, your relationship status can stick out. So I want to boost your morale and give you 3 thoughts to resist.

  1. Resist the Thought:”I need to be in a relationship to have a good V-Day.” NO YOU DON’T!! There have been years where hanging out with friends and treating myself has been the best V-Day moments. Make plans for your single self. Treat Yo’ Self!!
  2. Resist doubting who you are. I took me many years to love and accept my spunky self. I am career-driven, I don’t play games with guys, and I have high standards. So that eliminates a lot of frogs. I still hold out hope that there is someone for me. But, for now, I Am Me. I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
  3. Resist listing the things you don’t have. It is easy to say I am not getting flowers, I am not going to a fancy restaurant, no cute selfies and posts about my Valentine, etc. List the blessings you have. You probably already have an amazing life as a single person.

All in all, you are already awesome. If no one has told you that, well now you know!!




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