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Diary of An Awkward Dater

Can I be real with ya’ll?

I have only been on 3 dates in my 26 years of life ( is true). Both of them were blind dates (I know…crazy). And you know what I felt so awkward. I never met them prior to the date. Mutual friends thought that we would be a great pair for whatever reason I do not know. And it was awkward….

It’s weird because I am a quirky, fun girl. But dates are not my forte. My no filter personality shows up and I become deathly quiet when I mess up (that is a strange thing). If I say something, it was something I should not have said.

On blind date #1, when he escorted me back to my dorm building, I whispered under my breath loudly “Have a great semester. Oh I shouldn’t have said that.” Of course, I thought he didn’t hear me but he responded saying “It’s ok. I guess.”

On blind date #2, we went to an art museum which was a hard date because I wanted to read everything and take in the exhibits. Too many long pauses. I tried to start and restart conversations. Our date felt more like a deposition than a date.

I kept beating myself up because I felt I would never find someone. My awkward dating skills will make me single and forever alone (dramatic, I know). But over time, I just had to learn that I am the way I am. My quirks are weird but that’s ok. My sister tends to tell me the guy I do date will find my interesting personality endearing and cute. But for now, I am just an awkward dater.



2 thoughts on “Diary of An Awkward Dater

  1. Ha ha, I feel like their’s hope for everyone when I look at my own dating history. I’m married, and my husband is one of the most awkward people you will ever meet, and it is a huge factor in why I adore him. Just keep yourself open to meeting new people and making connection.

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