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Believe with Bianca

via Daily Prompt: Tremble


It is hard to see yourself succeeding when two steps forward goes four steps back. It is easy to tremble at the thought of failure determining your outcome. With my education, it has been a struggle. Some semesters went well. Some semesters were difficult. I have fallen on my face and cried as to why I am, the way I am. But you know what? Trembling in fear causes doubt and insecurity.

A pastor said how “we will never go out into the deep if we do not leave the shore.” Trembling keeps you on the shore.

Even now, it is hard to let go, stop trembling, and keep moving. There are times where I do not believe that I could be a lawyer (Real Talk). There are times where I doubt myself just because I am not in the top 5%, Honor Student, who is on Law Review, Moot Court, Mock Trial, etc. Trembling at my inadequacies will only keep me on the shore. I will tell you this:

Look outside of yourself. Know that you stronger than your trembling. Know that your purpose is yours. Your story is yours. Know that God is on your side. God will comfort your trembling, will wipe the tears from your eyes, and will pick you up. Tremble at the thought of a loving God who died on the Cross for you. Tremble at the thought that all the setbacks you have experienced will catalyst into your breakthrough.



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