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Believe with Bianca


So in honor of Women’s History Month, I wanted to encourage women from all walks of life and various backgrounds. And also, men can be included too.

All of us have had someone say “No,”  “You can’t do it,” “You are too delicate for something like that,” “You’re too nice to be a lawyer.” I know these comments because I have heard those phrases and more from family and my peers. To persist means to continue firmly or obstinately in an opinion or a course of action in spite of difficulty, opposition, or failure. I know many women who have suffered and sacrificed so much to be where they are. I have endured direct and indirect hurtful comments and setbacks in my life. There will always be people, circumstances, and things that could cause you to give up. But you know what? Greater that is in me, than He who is in the world.  Be brave. Be bold. Persist. Whatever fire you have to go through, persist, push through, and God will take care of the rest.

Be the woman who nevertheless persists.




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