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Life As Bianca


I can always count on my mom to be REAL with me. My mom told me how even though I say that I am done with someone, I still hold on to bits and pieces on them. I suppress feelings about them and yet, I am still friends with them on social media or still have some sort of connection with them. And yet I say “oh see what they said. I can’t stand them.” or “That is why we are not close anymore.”

I hesitate to let the people who hurt me go. I believe that part of me thinks that they will be better or I want to show them how awesome I am without them. I don’t know.

My mom said, “Do not hesitate on your happiness. Eliminate the toxic people and don’t look back. Temptation will happen if you do not cut every toxic thing.” 

It is something that I am still processing and learning as me. I am trying to Eliminate without Hesitation. Letting someone go takes a decision but also takes active steps to ensure your happiness. I am trying to do that now. I started truly letting people go.  So I will encourage you all with this: Do not hesitate on your happiness. Eliminate and do not hesitate. You deserve to be happy. Life is too short to deal with negativity and toxicity. 



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