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Life As Bold Bianca

You know what? I realize that Bianca now is very different from Bianca a few years ago.

I don’t know about you but I love people. I love to be liked by people.  For a time in my life, I would limit or downplay who I was to please people. I would seek approval from people. There were different me depending on who I was around. But that was then, this is now…

There is freedom being who God designed you to be. God designed me to be me. Once I realized that, then my boldness started even more. God has given me the opportunity to attend law school and experience different . My perspective is unique and not everyone will agree with what I believe. Sometimes I have to stand alone but that’s ok. I was not made for man’s approval, I was made for God’s glory.

Now, I find myself speaking my mind and posting about my perspective. Yes, people may disagree with me but I still present what I believe and find some common ground.

Being me also means eliminating negativity. Before, I would tolerate people’s behavior and take people’s negativity . I would find myself in a dark place because I allowed people to affect me.

Being me means I cannot keep giving so much of myself to people who do not care about me. I have experienced fruitless friendships because it was always a one way street. I don’t seek friends to gain something from them but there should be give and take.  I have had to learn to let people go.

I wish for you all is that you live to God’s glory, not man’s approval. Being bold means letting the excess go and standing firm. I’m learning as I go and I want you to learn with me.



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