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A Breath of Fresh Air

Your failure is your future feedback to someone down the road.

Lately, God has opened doors where I have been able to share my college experience with young people. College was a great season of unforgettable memories and friends. But, I had dark days; I struggled with grades, social life, and adjusting to college life as a Christian, and finding a career. My pride caused me to hit rock bottom with no where to go but up. I had to trust God because everything fell between the cracks. My failure felt like a spiral to oblivion.

But you know what, God never wastes a struggle. God uses all circumstances to strengthen His children. There have been so many times where I have been able to encourage others. You never know who you will bless.IMG_1035

So if you are in a pit, know that God is making a way. You are someone’s encouragement.¬†Failure builds your testimony and can encourage another walking the same path. Never doubt your struggle.




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