On the Cusp of Greatness

So I had my last Barrister’s Ball (Law School Prom) this past weekend. I felt very beautiful….dare I say it, SEXY!! That is a word I am not really described as on a regular basis. But my mom made me realize something. She said you are a beautiful, smart, sexy woman. My mom said woman and I was taken back. I am a now a woman in my mother’s eyes. Crazy!!!IMG_1064

I am on the cusp of greatness. It is hard for me to picture that I am a woman called by the Creator to live a set-apart life in this day in age. Sometimes I still think I am an 18 year old trying to figure things out. I do not know if I could ever see this girl in the picture as me in the future. But look what God can do!! I am Me. I am really living out my dreams. I am a beautiful, smart, talented, sexy woman. I never would have expected my life to be the way it now. But God knew what He was doing. 

By December, I will be a law school graduate. By next February, I will have taken the Bar. After that, I do not know. Knowing that scares me. I am really on the cusp of what God put me on this Earth to do. Wow! What a concept!

I feel like I am climbing up the mountains of life. I know that the top is within reach. With every step I take, I am changing my view. I am seeing new horizons. I do fall on some valleys but I keep climbing. I do not know what the future holds but I do know my  greatness is because of the Greatest.

I am on the cusp of greatness.





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