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Survive And Thrive


I had the honor of supporting a student at his high school graduation yesterday. As I saw these young kids proud and bright-eyed, I thought of young, bright-eyed Bianca nine years ago. I had such hopes and dreams. The world was my oyster and I was ready to take on the world. Life had its plans though but I survived and thrived. I learn to survive relying on God, being flexible with life, asking for help, and staying true to who I was. The road may have been lonely but God had me on His path. I thrived.

Survive with the life you’ve been given. Don’t give up.

Life will have valleys. Your life is not meant to be easy. That is why surviving and thriving results in resilience, perseverance, discipline, and endurance.

Keep your head up and survive and thrive.




5 thoughts on “Survive And Thrive

  1. To thrive is better than to survive, I totally agree with the words you have cited above, loving your broad perspective, viewing the world from a totally different angle, from your angle. Hope you can thrive by not merely surviving but living a life that you desire. Have hope, write on!


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