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A Blissful Look Back & Forward

I wanted to share memorable moments of 26 and what I look forward to at 27.

Life as 26 Memories:

  1. Surviving Law School
  2. Started Blissfully Bianca
  3. Long Distance Driving from Jacksonville, FL to Atlanta
  4. First Surgery (Deviated Septum)
  5. Transition to a New Church
  6. Summer Legal Internship at a Private Firm (YASS)
  7. Practical Learning Experience at my school’s Immigrant & Human Rights Clinic

Forward Thinking at 27:

  1. Graduating law school
  2. Passing the Bar
  3. Finding A Job
  4. Dating?? (It could happen. Not setting my hopes up..but you know).
  5. Keep SLAYING!!





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