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TedTalk Thursday- The Wait Is Sexy

I understand the long wait because I am still waiting at 27. No sex without marriage…it is what it is. I have Biblical reasons but there are personal reasons why I am waiting. Yes, people find me crazy,  traditional, and naive. I even had someone tell me “how will you know what you like.” But I am waiting for my God-given partner and I do not need to settle.

Yvonne Orji is an actress and yes, she is waiting too. Her words are so real to me. Being a virgin seems strange to society…like it’s some disorder or disease I need to be cured of. It’s NOT. I want God’s best for me. I want to best too. Enjoy!!



2 thoughts on “TedTalk Thursday- The Wait Is Sexy

  1. Thank you for sharing all of this. I’m married. Married young honestly (at 23), but it’s so true the wait doesn’t dissapoint. I started dating my husband at 18, but we were together for 4 years without living together or having sex and I’m so glad for those principles and choices. And I know plenty of people who got married later who were able to go into things clear headed and ready because they didn’t have the baggage of multiple heartbreaks. I don’t think there is any thing to be lost from waiting. Only things to be gained! Bless you!

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