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Blissful Stress Relievers

Life gets very busy. It is not good for people to just work and pay taxes non-stop till you die. That would be a sad life. I have had to learn to de-stress and not let life get the best of me. Stress Relievers are tailored to help and to make life more interesting. I want to give you sobering ways to relax.

  1. Coloring Books. I know it sounds childish but they are quite the trend. I have too many coloring books. I love the ones with quotes and scripture. Just take 30 minutes or an hour to color.
  2. Paint Places. There are painting places where I live where you pay money for an instructor to teach you how to paint. My favorite place to go is Pinot’s Palette in Jacksonville, FL. They are wonderful people who are willing to help. It is BYOB. Whether it is a Friday night or a Tuesday afternoon, they offer great painting classes.
  3. A Bath. I love taking a soothing bath in silence. I love bath salts, bath fizzies, and aromatherapy soaps. I usually get them at Bath & Body Works, Marshall’s and TJmaxx.
  4.  Eat Comfort Food. Give me ice cream or just dessert that puts me in a happy place. Use discretion with the intake but it’s a thought.
  5. Sleep/Nap. Enough said. It’s a beautiful thing to lay down and unwind.
  6. Talk to someone. You can talk to someone who listens and helps you defuse the situation. I know great friends who have made my stress levels go down by their presence and advice.
  7. Listen to Music. It is great to have music that puts you in a mellow and calm state.
  8. Walk. It is good to walk around. Easier said than done but get some sun.

All in all, take care of yourself. Don’t forget to make yourself a priority. This is my blissful list. What is a way you destress?




2 thoughts on “Blissful Stress Relievers

  1. I love how while you list the things you do to relieve stress, you are doing them. You aren’t just listing them to make it seem like you are doing them. Giving an example of a place that you love going to so you can just relax.


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