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Nostalgic Bliss: Law School Edition

My last semester of law school is HERE!! Here are my reflections of law school.

  1. Law school is a new environment not matter where you go so ADAPT to your surroundings.
  2. Not everyone who smiles at you is your buddy. It may sound crazy or mean but here me out. Some are after sabotage and manipulation to get the better grade. There are quality people  and mentors jpg_law_justice_003you will encounter who will bring out the best parts in you. I have met the best people who had my best interests at heart and who rooted for me (You know who you are). It is a small handful of people but it’s enough for me. Guard yourself.
  3. Do what works for you. Everyone is different. What works for you is FOR YOU!
  4. Tears are the steps to your growth. I have cried on a few occasions but I dusted myself off and kept going. My visceral fear and failure could not be permanent or I would come to my own ruin. The resilience makes you stronger so keep going.
  5. Breathe. It will all be worth it. The blood, sweat, tears, and lack of sleep will pay off when I walk across that stage to receive my diploma and when I get sworn in as a licensed attorney.




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