Life As Singing Bianca

One of the most important songs that can ever be sung is the National Anthem. It is quite an honor and privilege to sing those words. Yours truly will be singing this anthem for their law school graduation. It is an exciting feeling but also a nervous feeling.

Many friends were surprised that I could sing. Even a friend was like “ohh look at Beyonce who’s singing the Anthem, I am looking forward to this.” OR “you are gonna sang that song”

Well ya’ll I don’t have the Beyonce, Whitney Houston, Lady Gaga power in my voice. I have always struggled with my voice because it does not have the “Black Soul with the crazy riffs.” It is clear, pure, and sweet tone (no riffs). But over time, I have learned there are many ways to sing a song. My voice is unique and God gave it to me to share. I was chosen to sing my interpretation of the National Anthem and that is what I will do.




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