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Yes And Amen

“All your promises are Yes and Amen.”

A lyric that is easy to sing but the lesson can be hard to act on.

It is a wonderful feeling when God says YES! He opens the door, provides the opportunity, and the means and ways to it. It is like Oprah saying YES!

Now the Amen part. Sometimes you have your plans/blueprint and God says: “Not now. Not yet. Wait.” Amen means God has sealed it and it is done. In my own life, I have said Amen after wrestling with my pride. The “burning bush of reason” says “Bianca, it’s time to stop fighting, say Amen, and move on.” I have to pray for the peace that surpasses understanding and to let it go.

You are NOT meant for the cozy, comfortable blueprint designed by you. God wants more from you and me and that calls for uncomfortable denial of self.

So if you find yourself in this dilemma, you’re alone. God is faithful. He is a God of mercy when our pride gets in the way. We have to let go of our plans. God knows what is best. One of my favorite proverbs is In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.”-Proverbs 16;9.

God has the best plan. So find the strength to surrender your way to His Way. Say Yes and Amen.




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