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Conversations with Yourself

Don’t worry, this is not any psycho thing. Since it’s been 12 hours since 2018, it is important to have conversations with yourself about what you want to accomplish and do with your life. I’m serious. What do you want to do different in 2018?  Dig deep down and ask yourself what do you want.

For me, I have thought about my goals and dreams for 2018. So I will share mine with you all.

  1. Pass the Bar. To be successful, I am establishing a studying plan and taking Bar classes in anticipation for July. It will not be easy but I can and will do it.
  2. Find a job with the “adult” benefits I deserve. Actively seeking jobs through LinkedIn or Google for temporary legal positions while waiting to sit the Bar and looking for a full-time position for the long haul as well.
  3. Be healthy and active. I have challenged myself to do some form of fitness whether running (through an app), walking, or something else three times a week. I want to take care of my temple. I need to eat better because I am getting older and need to eat better (more fruits and veggies). I also want to do a 5K again. It’s been a while but I really want to.
  4. Refine and grow my creative escapes (i.e. blogging, painting, lettering, etc). I really want to expand my Blissfully Bianca blog (Any ideas are appreciated). I may want to start selling my paintings. I have a workbook to improve my lettering skills so it can be better. I could make a little side hustle with that.
  5. Have and stick to a Bible Reading Plan for the Year. I will be reading Psalms for the year. I want to do an in-depth study on the book and journal my thoughts. I may even blog on that…
  6. Try new things and adventures. I can be a little picky and uniform to my life so I want to mix things up and try new foods, new methods to taking care of myself, etc. I may even try online dating (you never know). I just want to open my mind and heart to places and  people.

What are your goals? It is an open dialogue. No judgments here. Just try to find something you want to do. It can be anything.




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