New Uncharted Territory

With a new year comes a new season in my life. It was unexpected and my plans shifted. When a plan changed, it meant that I was NOT in control. Life happens; what you expected may not be what results. You adjust and adapt (in between a little pity party…it’s ok, we are human). Shifting from single, independent law student to home-bound post grad can sound like I have failed. But I have not. I did a brilliant thing: I have a Juris Doctorate behind my name. Yes, I am living with my family while studying for the Bar. I am a party of 5. I am learning to adjust. Compromise is key. The unit matters more than the individual. Some days are hard and some days are manageable.  I have free room, board, and food. It is different but it will do for now. It is just new uncharted territory.




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