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New Blissful Additions

I made some goals for myself for 2018. I am trying to keep better habits for my well-being.

  1. I started tracking my steps each day. I do forget my tracker but I am starting.
  2. I am braving the cold while running. My family thinks I should run when it is warmer and that running in cold weather is crazy. Well crazy enough to reach my goal. But they are supportive of me.
  3. I am flossing more..crazy right!?! Taking care of my teeth thus taking care of my body.
  4. My skin got really sensitive last year. I tried many products but it just wasn’t working for my face. Believe or not, apple vinegar and olive oil WORKS. I have seen the change in my face. It is clearer and improving. My new skin regime:
      1. After I was my face with Neutrogena soap, I put apple vinegar mixed with water on my face and leave it for 5 minutes.
      2. Wash the apple vinegar/water mix off.
      3. Rub olive oil on the face and let it sit and you are done
  5. I started practicing my lettering skills from an awesome workbook. I am getting better at it.

It is important to carve out time for making your goals a reality. This is my start.




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