Starting Something New

So with us halfway through January, ┬áit is no shock that probably you and I have fallen off our goals/resolution train. The motivation turns into struggle and ultimately giving up and waiting till next year. I have had moments where sitting inside felt better than running in the cold. I have not worn my fitness tracker every day. Some days I am so unmotivated that I sleep and watch TV. I don”t practice my brush lettering every day. So yeah..I am not perfection in 2018.

BUT every day is a new day.Rome was not built in a day. But I bet each day, the builders had a mindset of “let’s keep building.” Whether they built a story or five story in one day, they still built. Don’t give up on your goals. If you want something, you need to have the mindset of “I am going to try.” Have a new attitude and new mindset. Mastery comes from consistent tries.So try and try again.




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