Blissful TV Lineup

My shows have come BACK. The holiday

  1. Tuesdays: America’s Next Top Model (VH1)- I grew up with ANTM as a teen. I have watched almost all the seasons. I am happy that Tyra is back with her next level fierce. They are pushing for skin, age, and body diversity (which I’s about time). I love the other judges: Ashley Graham (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE), Drew from Paper Magazine is tinier version Mr. Jay (from the earlier years of Top Model) with critical criticism, and La Roach is awesome and good clapbacks.
  2.  Tuesdays: This Is Us(NBC)– A wonderful drama that will make you cry. The characters are so relatable. I sometimes forget that this is not a real family. It is just real and authentic. I have never watched something this wonderful in years.
  3. Thursdays: Project Runway Allstars (Lifetime)– I am a big PR/PR Allstars fan. I have watched every season since Michael Kors was a judge, The Allstars version is doing Rookies (first-time Allstar) to Veterans (Allstars who have competed multiple times as Allstars). I have some favorites and some I don’t care for. We will see.
  4. Thursdays: Making A Model (Lifetime)– So Bella and Gigi Hadid’s mom is training young models and their moms to be supermodels. The prize is being signed to a big modeling agency. No elimination. Just challenges and mentoring to get these young girls to the TOP.
  5. Fridays: Hell’s Kitchen (FOX)- Yes there is a language issue but it is a good competitive show about cooking to the prize on running one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants.
  6. Saturdays: Say Yes to the Dress (TLC)- A girl can dream about her wedding dress. I love it.

I love my TV escape. What shows are you watching?



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