Posted in Life as Bianca

When Single Sticks Out

My single status usually never bothers me. I know for myself that being single is the best thing right now. I am very conversant in how I live my life as a single person. It’s nothing for me to be ashamed of.  I walk in my truth. It’s works for me.

Then, there are some days where I stick out..

Situation: A group of  young couples and you talking and laughing.

The couples introduce each other “My name is (blank) and this is my wife/husband (blank).

And me, “I am Bianca”. That’s it. No wedding band or complimenting human being to introduce. You just stick out. You are the single one. The feeling makes you want to crawl back into your single black hole.

I do find my way back to the confident, content, single Bianca but sometimes my single status sticks out.




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