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Empowered Through Music

Music has the power to transcend language and meet us where we are in life. I wanted to share what has been empowering me. I have had a lot of up and downs so I have been clinging to worship music.

  1. Lauren Daigle (Look Up Child)

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A very beautiful, soulful voice with real lyrics. You hear Lauren’s range and variety of genres she dabbles into. I was a fan of Lauren’s from her prior hits. I listened to this album on a whim (i.e. Youtube). I was hooked from the get go. God led me to this album for a reason. I found this album a week before I received my Bar results (Yup…needed). This album has taught me no matter how bad or good things get, it is important to look to the Lord. Not to be ashamed of my faults. Not to feel like God has left me. God is still good and faithful to His promises. I would love to tell you my favorite song but they are all my favorites.

I can give you a snippet of my favorites lyrics and description from each song:

“Rise up” Still Rolling Stones (like a better Christian version of Rolling in the Deep by Adele)

“I will send out an army to find You. In the middle of the darkest night
It’s true, I will rescue you”Rescue (One of those comforting songs with an awesome  gospel choir. This song encouraged me when I did not pass my exam)

“Oh, I know. I searched the world to find my heart is Yours. Oh, my heart is Yours. I searched the world to find my heart is Yours. Oh, my heart is Yours.”This Girl  (Taught me that my heart is God’s and how the world can’t satisfy me the way He does)

“You’re my covering. I’m safe, I’m safe. Whatever comes at me. I’m safe, I’m safe”Your Wings (A chill, reggae Christian song)

“You say I am loved when I can’t feel a thing. You say I am strong when I think I am weak. You say I am held when I am falling short. When I don’t belong, You say I am Yours. And I believe. I believe. What You say of me. I believe.”- You Say ( Beautiful words that truly uplift me. I may not be ok but I am enough with Christ.)

“You give me everything I need”Everything (He provides all my needs)

“I cannot earn what You so freely give. What have I done to deserve love like this?”Love Like This (I am unworthy of God’s blessings.)

“Look up child”Look Up Child (Even in the valleys, look up to God. He’s got me)

“I’ve been an actor on a stage. Playing a role I have to play. I’m getting tired, it’s safe to say. Living behind a masquerade”Losing My Religion ( My testimony and my desire to think of my relationship with God rather than “religion”)

“I remember, I remember. You have always been faithful to me. I remember, I remember. Even when my own eyes could not see. You were there, always there”Remember (Thinking of His goodness even in the valley).

“And now this rebel heart belongs to You.”- Rebel Heart (A bluesy song about denying myself and turning heart to Christ)

“Ever running to what I can’t see. Fighting out of all my unbelief. Father, even then my song will be. I know You will always carry me.”Inevitable (Yup…realness. My life circumstances)

“Turn your eyes upon Jesus. Look full in His wonderful face. And the things of earth will grow strangely dim. In the light of His glory and grace.”Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus (One of my favorite hymns. Daigle does this song with a twist and I love it).

I know God uses music to bring us closer to His truths. This album came at the right time. I am facing a valley, a step back, an uncertain turn. But God’s assurances are real in this album. I encourage you to listen and be empowered and uplifted.



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