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Value My Welcome

Hi Bliss Fam!

I’m excited to be back! I have a lot to share with you. For March, my new series is called The Value Series.”

To start, it is important in this day in age to have value. You are judged on them. Your life is altered by the values you hold. It navigates your compass in this thing called life.

My values are biblically-based and from my life experiences. As always, I want you to read to be encouraged and challenged in your own life. As I write for you, I write for myself. This is my therapy and my escape.

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So value my welcome…what does that mean? It’s not conceited or self-boasting…I promise.

I mean welcome what life has to offer. Yes, I do mean the good, bad, and ugly moments but it is a part of your growth.

I know..easier said than done but it’s something I have had to do in my own life. I have had to deal with rejection, joys, challenges, accomplishments, and everything in between.

Seasons are not permanent. There is a lesson in every welcome. It is important to know that God is there, molding you. It is up to you to know how to move forward.

You have to have the encouragement mantra in the hard days to say: “I can make it. This season is not forever. God has something better in store. I will make it.”

This past season, I had deal with not passing the Bar exam on the first try. It was an ugly hard to time. Though I pretended to be fine, I did not welcome the lesson. I just doubted and hated myself for failing. I focused on what I could be than what I was. I was still Bianca. I had to value that the rejection and make room for unexpected opportunities and blessings in disguise.

I am not saying that valuing the tough times is easy. It takes time. We live in a fallen, imperfect world so we have welcome to bad days but stand firm.

Value the good days. You have the right to enjoy the blessings. With the failure of the bar exam, joys did occur: I had job opportunities being home. I have a closer, connected bond with my family now that I live at home. I am more involved in my church. I was growing into a better me.

So welcome yourself in the rollercoaster of life. Be strong. Be thankful for the good in your life. Enjoy. But also know you are still you. God is not done with you. Value the welcome.



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