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Dear Mama

One of my favorite Mother’s Day songs is Dear Mama by Tupac. It just puts into perspective how important a mother’s love is. Tupac eloquently rap a story of his mother and how much she means to him.

I wanted to do my own, Dear Mama tribute in writing (can’t rap) to my mommy.

Dear Mom,

I know the stage of my success and greatness was from your sacrifice.

Your time, love, and strength built the home you made.

Even in the hard times, you were the Rock that stood still.

Though you cried silently, you still faced us with strength.

You never made us worry about tomorrow.

You already plan ahead for the day.

You worked nights to be with us during the day.

You applauded concerts, plays, and performances.

You did more for us…above and beyond your own life.

From a woman who endured so much. You gave much more.

You are appreciated.

I love you.



One thought on “Dear Mama

  1. Thank you my beautiful daughter. So blessed to have you for my daughter. I love you💕💕💕


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