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Blissful Summer List

To be honest, life has been mundane from the bar results. I don’t want this redirection to keep me bored. I pretty much run errands, do school/work pick up and drop off for my brother, clean, sleep, play with the dog, go to church, an occasional social event, and repeat.

I don’t want to just that going into the summer. I want to have fun. SEIZE THE DAY. So I decided to make a Blissful Summer Fun List.

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I did this two years ago and accomplished most of it. So I will give it a whirl.

  • Go to a Food Truck Event
  • Get a Full Mani/Pedi Day
  • Art Day (i.e. pottery, painting)
  • Watch A Summer Movie
  • Go to the High Museum
  • Have a fun-filled 29th birthday
  • Have lunch with someone I have not seen in a while
  • Read 3 Books
  • Make proactive career moves/bar decisions
  • Make new friends
  • Do a 1K/5K/Walk

So that’s me! The overall theme is spreading my wings. From my past post, Life As Bianca: Moving Forward After Try #2, this is the action. I want to enjoy and be content in Georgia.

So what are your summer plans?



One thought on “Blissful Summer List

  1. I will be enjoying my summer also. I’m going to Vegas in July, hitting up a couple of festivals and day trips during the summer. I will not spend every weekend and everyday working all day. I plan on having a summer for the record books!


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