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Believe With Bianca: Keep Casting

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It’s important to keep trying and trying again. Keep casting your net to the sea of opportunity. There are times where your casting brings success. Then, there are times where your casting turns up empty.

Though it hurts, you have to keep trying. Keep persevering. You keep fighting. Don’t get me wrong. It’s hard. Really hard. Failing, failing, and failing till you make it.

This is my life. It’s hard. Sending job application after job application. Rejection after rejection. Storm after storm. It’s enough to make me cry and sleep the day away.

I am reminded of Peter, the fisherman (Luke 5:1-11). Casting his net and coming up empty but finally Jesus came and said try one more time. And it brought a HARVEST, AN OVERLOAD.

Still hoping for that. For that overload. But now, I am surviving as a little mustard seed (Matthew 13:30-32). But that is what God requires: that small amount of faith to believe in His favor.

Even when it seems difficult, I keep trying. Keep applying. I keep trying to better myself. I know something is on the horizon. The harvest is coming. The overflow is coming.

But for now, I keep casting and waiting.



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