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Blissful Past Favorites for Black Music Appreciation Month

June is Black Music Appreciation Month. Before I give what I am listening to now, I want to remember and honor the legends who defined the industry.

I am dividing my playlists of the past. I know I am probably missing artists and songs so feel free to comment.

The first playlist I have from before I ever existed…like grown folks music. I grew up on Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5, Lionel Ritchie, and Stevie Wonder. And it just grew over time. My parents heard their songs from when they lived in Haiti and first came to America. Other artists I discovered with time but still love. This playlist covers the 50s to the 80s. Enjoy!

The second is the 90s and the ’00 of black music including some of the same artists from the previous list. This is my childhood and teenage playlist. It is LONG (190 in counting)!!! The nostalgia is so real because I remember the CDs I purchased, watched MTV, VH1, and BET (when they actually played music videos), watching Making The Video, and beyond. Some of these artists started or took off when I was young. But this playlist is LIT and ALL THAT!

Best Playlist I’ve Made

So this honors my past. I will go into adult years with what I am listening in the coming weeks.



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