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A Prayer of Celebration

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A birthday is an amazing moment in time. You turn another year older. You hope that you are getting wiser. You hope that it will be a great day.

I always love asking my mom how she felt 29 years ago when she was going to the hospital to deliver me. Yes, she was nervous and excited. But she tells me, “I was just happy you were alive and here.”

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I still am after 29 years still happy to be alive and well. It is a year with a new horizon. A new opportunity to live. The possibilities are endless.

I will not have goals to what I want to accomplish but a prayer for this new year and its opportunities.

Thank you Lord for creating me 29 years and by your grace keeping me in Your World.

God continue to grow me in Your Kingdom in the qualities and accomplishments I possess and have yet to possess.

That I increase in my faith and not waiver in the mist of tribulation.

To still have the drive, focus, and determination in every challenge and task I am given by Your Power.

May my character reflect Your Plan and not my own.

That I may be a light to world.

In Your Name I Pray, Amen.



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