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Believe with Bianca

I had a revelation in my afternoon law school class. Setbacks set you up for success. There have been times in my academic life where I have had to repeat a course or things did not turn out the way I wanted. I felt like I was a failure and I was stupid. I felt like in the race of life, I had to play catch up.

In law school,  I had to repeat a class. I thought the setback was my shame. I felt like I was not good or smart enough to be a lawyer. LIES FROM THE ENEMY!! Today, in one of the classes I am currently taking, I understood the concepts based on the class I had to repeat the prior semester. The setback set me up for success.

Setbacks are meant to grow you and shape you. Don’t let anyone use your setback against you. Use the setback to learn from and use it as a stepping stone to your success.