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Christmas Past Memories

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Music was and still is a big part of my life. When I was growing up, I was involved in everything choir-related. My siblings also had performances at school and theatre. It was always fun going to Christmas shows.

I was in chorus all four years of high school. Christmas concerts were fun times. For one of our chorus traditions, our choral program all sang “Carol the Bells.” I kid you not, I have sung every voice part except the bass part for four years. On the Christmas concert of my senior year, my choir sang “A Haitian Noel” in Haitian Creole. My parents helped with the pronunciation and so did I. It was the one and only time my dad was able to come to my choral concert and he enjoyed himself.

Since middle school till high school, I was involved in a local choir called, The Gwinnett Young Singers. The best memories I had was singing with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra & Choir and Morehouse Glee Club at the Woodruff Arts Center. Being in Atlanta during Christmas was fun and exciting. I learned to sit still with a full orchestra and not flinch. It was a once an a lifetime opportunity and I savored those moments.

For my siblings, my favorite Christmas performance of theirs was “A Charlie Brown’s Christmas” at a local theatre. My sister was Peppermint Patty and my brother was Shermy. This was where they were in grade school but it was SOOO cute.

The musical memories are endless but I always remember and savor those Christmas productions.



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I Thank My God For My Blissfully Bianca Fans

I thank my God every time I remember you.-Philippians 1:3

This post is for expressing my love and gratitude for you all reading. I just wanted to thank you all, My Blissfully Bianca Family (aka Bliss Fam) for your comments, likes, viewings, and sharing.

I thank my God for giving me this platform to share and spread the Word of Jesus Christ while expressing the freedom of blissfully being who God made you to be. You give me such life and joy.

Writing has given me therapy to let out things I am feeling. When I was younger, I wrote in journals and diaries to express my feelings. I have a problem of holding in my emotions and pain but there is relief in knowing that I am not alone. By writing, I found an outlet.

I am always surprised when my words impact people around the world and people take my words in. I enjoy what I do because of your love and support. I just wanted to let you all know that.

Hugs from Yours Truly. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!



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I Thank My God For Bliss List

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Before we stuff our faces with food and fellowship with family and friends. I wanted to express my thanks and gratitude for the things in my life.

My relationship with Jesus Christ. I have never been steered wrong with God’s love and guidance.

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The love and support from my family. They put up with my madness and life and still love me unconditionally. They have been in my corner and continue to be there.

My Luna!! She is such a beautiful change in my life. She is more than a dog but the final piece of our family. I am so proud to be her auntie.

My health. From the top of my head to the soles of my feet, I am always blessed when I can function at my best each day.

My true friends. The people who I may not see n the daily but are one call away and when we get together, we can pick up where we left off. Also, they love me where I am and that is REAL.

My mentors. I can count on these real influencers who pour spiritual, academic, and mental knowledge and guidance into me. I value the people who have lived longer and experienced life and are willing to share their knowledge with me.

My talents (e.g. singing and blogging). Always thankful that I can make an impact for Jesus by sharing my gifts and talents with others. See also I Thank My God for Blissfully Bianca Fam.

2019. Through ups and downs of 2019, God has sustained me and kept me going. I am always growing and moving forward.



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Happy 3rd Anniversary for Blissfully Bianca!

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It’s been 3 years since I started this journey. Before Blissfully Bianca, for the longest time, various friends and peers have always told me how positive I am and how I should write about it. Though I was flattered by the compliments, I never really thought what I said was that important. I live quite a mundane life. I have always thought that there were enough critics in the world bringing negativity; I just wanted to be different.

But God knew what He was doing: He was giving me a platform and stage. He put this desire in me to encourage and share my testimony. My story went beyond my FB friends. My message has reached international audiences (WHOA!). Only God knew what would be.

God was saying my journey was not mundane but worthy of sharing. In three years, I have learned so much about myself. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your comments, likes, and following. Thank you for reading and inspiring me. There is more room to grow but join me for that.

My back to basics lesson is: Your journey is not for you.You are inspiring someone else. Your experiences are meant for someone else out there. People are watching how you are and look to you whether you believe it or not.

I stepped out in faith starting a blog about my journey and living as a blissfully, God-centered version of me. That’s not easy but God knew I had a spiritual gift of encouragement and this is a way to be a light on a hill.

So allow yourself and your journey to be used by God. It made the difference and here we are.



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My Declaration of “Me Time”

I love my space. I have learned to do things on my own. I thought that I had to be around people to be filled. But it actually is the opposite. For many years, I would give myself to the world until no end then just be drained and depressed afterwards. I was more dependent on people than myself. I always thought that being alone meant that I was introverted and a hermit. I just did not want to be alone because I would be with myself and it scared me.

But that was then…

It was when I moved to Florida for law school where my perception changed. I was on my own. I was definitely fearful to explore. Finding a church by myself, shopping by myself, exploring Jacksonville, etc. But it is the uncomfortable moments where we really have to challenge ourselves to grow. So, I took a leap of faith and tried to do activities alone. AND I LOVED IT!

I lived by myself for two years in Jax. I would go painting on my own. I visited churches and eventually found a church home. I would eat out on my own. The list goes on…

I just tried. Yes, it felt uncomfortable at first but once you get out of your head, you settle down. It gets better.

I know alone time can be different for everyone. We all have lives and busyness to do deal with. We all have responsibilities and obligations. BUT it is important to refresh and refill.

My Declaration for Me Time: Everyone deserves a moment, whether its five minutes or a few hours, to be alone to refresh and not think too hard.

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I have fallen victim to the burn out. I pour myself out only to be empty. So find that time. Ways I Unwind: Paint (of course), Window shopping, Nap, Take a walk/run, Reading, Just sit down in my room, etc.

Just something to yourself. Now only you can determine what works for you BUT do it. For sanity, for the people around you, and for your mind, body, and soul.

Have your own “me time”.



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A Prayer of Celebration

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A birthday is an amazing moment in time. You turn another year older. You hope that you are getting wiser. You hope that it will be a great day.

I always love asking my mom how she felt 29 years ago when she was going to the hospital to deliver me. Yes, she was nervous and excited. But she tells me, “I was just happy you were alive and here.”

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I still am after 29 years still happy to be alive and well. It is a year with a new horizon. A new opportunity to live. The possibilities are endless.

I will not have goals to what I want to accomplish but a prayer for this new year and its opportunities.

Thank you Lord for creating me 29 years and by your grace keeping me in Your World.

God continue to grow me in Your Kingdom in the qualities and accomplishments I possess and have yet to possess.

That I increase in my faith and not waiver in the mist of tribulation.

To still have the drive, focus, and determination in every challenge and task I am given by Your Power.

May my character reflect Your Plan and not my own.

That I may be a light to world.

In Your Name I Pray, Amen.



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Life As Bianca: Lessons of 28

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I am less than 48 hours away from my birthday. GAH!! I am feeling all kinds of excitement, sadness, anxiousness, nostalgia, and pride.

I wanted to share blissful, wise lessons I learned and continue to learn about myself. To paraphrase a great quote, it’s just fine being a masterpiece and a work of progress. And that is what I am. I am on this journey. I’m not perfect this side of heaven but I will be one day.

So let’s get started…

Serving is bigger than my personal comfort zone.

It is one of those lessons where self is not in serving. If I truly am serving for Christ, that means I have to be second. I have had to learn serving depends on your heart. I try to pray and check my heart because ultimately God called me to a particular assignment. Sometimes I do not want to serve because I don’t feel like it or it’s not the way I would do things, . But ultimately I know God would not put something in my path if He did not think I couldn’t do it. God has definitely been using my mom for “serving assignments.” It feels like my mom has an assignment cause she was talking to someone and they need help. My mom does tell the person, “I will ask my daughter.” But we all know this mommy’s girl will do it. But I truly believe God is teaching me what serving truly is and He continues to show me.

Unconventional moments are God’s preparation for something greater.

Still don’t have three letters behind my name YET. But 28 did still show me that I have knowledge to share and benefit others. I still have a Juris Doctor and my interest is in Immigration Law. I have experience to educate and help as a person with an advanced degree. With any individual I encounter with an immigration question, I try to educate them and myself by researching (but not practicing law…nothing illegal just answering questions). I am still keeping my skills up. I know I will be a licensed attorney but I also know that now is preparation for what is to come. No season is wasted even Year 28.

You have to work towards contentment if you are discontent.

Though my heart was broken that God closed a door after Bar Try #2, I really prayed and sought out why I am so discontent that where I want to be is not where God wants me to be. And God revealed that I am just going through the motions and not truly blooming where He wanted me to. So I started blogging more, started running (going on 2 months now), made a list of goals to enjoy myself this summer, and just started putting myself out there. You can’t complain and expect change. You have to go outside of yourself and really act. Like do something. If you’re bored, do something. If you’re not happy, make a change. It is a daily decision to act in contentment. Some days I did/still do not want to try because I thought “What’s the point!?!” But it was the Enemy and myself lying for me to go back to complaining and sulking in defeat. But like I said, it is a daily decision to try, to act no matter how small it is.

Sometimes you have to be still.

With conflict, with disappointment, with trouble, with difficulty, even with happiness. I have to take a step back, take a deep breath, and be still. My mom always tells me in any strife God will either change the situation or remove the situation. I have had to realize that sometimes it is not time to speak but let the situation play out. God’s got it.

Do not be ashamed of your journey.

Yup…learning that a lot. Yes, life is very different than what I expected. I wanted to be a licensed attorney living my best life in Florida. But God changed that plan and said not yet. But also He says, “I am not done with you yet. I have something for you. Wait on me.” I have had to pick my head up and say I am still worthy and I will get there. But sometimes people’s questions on my life makes me want to crawl in a hole because I belong there. It’s like I am joke and a failure to world because I am not there yet. Thankful for my family and true friends who combat my comments at how I am a failure with words of truth and encouragement. It is a struggle but I am growing and owning my story. God will and is using this narrative for someone or something down the line.

So, thanks 28 for the lessons. I will keep at it at 29 and beyond.



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A Father’s Importance

A father is a hard position. A man who takes care of his responsibilities and provides for his family without complaining. A man who guides the family financially, physically, and spiritually. It is a beautiful thing and something we should not take for granted. For the black community, it seems rare as told by popular demand. But they exist. Real fathers and father-like figures are real and matter to a child.

Though my dad is quiet, he is goofy and funny.

Though he does not talk a lot, I listen to his wisdom when he speaks his mind.

Though he is not extravagant, his gifts and words of love are gold.

Though he does not show anger, he is patient and nonjudgmental.

Though he is an immigrant, he sacrificed for my goals and dreams to help immigrants.

Though he does not have a Ph.D, he is always teaching me about life.

Though he is not god, he points me to God.

Though I have a Heavenly Father, I am thankful that I have Earthly Father too.

Happy Father’s Day to all the Fathers and Father-Figures. You are loved, appreciated, wanted, and valued. I love you daddy.



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A Recent Compliment

A member of my church came up to me and said thank you for greeting me the first time I came to this church.

It took me back. I consider myself naturally friendly. I love people. I draw from their energy.

What meant the most to me is how he said he does not get noticed by people and is often overlooked. I could hear in his voice that I was rare and being overlooked was the norm. But God led me to him and it made a difference. It caused him to keep attending my church which became our church when he became a member.

How often do people get overlooked because of the way they look or who they are. Too many times. I know I have experienced that and I have been guilty of that behavior. But you and I have to realize that God sees everyone.

I try my best to see people how God sees them. This is His Creation and it is up to all of us to value His people.

Through a simple hello and welcome to a stranger, God’s special creation was seen. And he remembered that small gesture. It touched my heart that something so little meant so much.

Keep this scripture in mind: But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”-1 Samuel 16:7



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Blissful Advice to High School Bianca

It will be 11 years since I graduated high school. Yes, I am old but I still slay.

Duluth High Senior Class of 2008

High school Bianca was a different girl. Just trying to fit in and get along with people. She would never be a blogger. She was kinda wise but was a good friend. She LOVED chorus!!! She was just trying to be better. She did struggle with confidence. She bottled up a lot of her hurts, insecurities, and skeletons. Her relationship with Christ was going to church and serving but still ached for something more. Yes, I did not go to the parties and social events without parental approval and supervision. I did not even get my license till after high school. She just wanted to be successful and seen as successful to all.

High school Bianca was down on herself too many times to count.

If I could talk to my high school senior self, here is what I would say.

Don’t be so hard on yourself.

You don’t need to be like everyone else to be successful. The popular high school kids won’t be popular forever.

You are on your own journey.

Talk about what hurts deep inside instead of letting it eat you up inside.

God will wreck your 10-year plan of success and put you on a completely different path. Be patient with yourself.

Please God and yourself before trying to please the world.

Be your blissful self. There is no need to fit someone’s mold.

These are ongoing lessons that I am reminding myself. I may not think like my high school senior self but I remember her. I see her. I would just hug that high school senior girl and say, “You are going to be ok.”

So what would you tell your high school senior self?