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fear is a four letter word of disaster


it can conquered.


fear is not easy to fight


it can be done.


fear may speak


your voice is LOUDER.


fear is a choice


CONQUERING is a choice.


fear is a four letter word


it can be conquered.

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The Changes of Life

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Life changes.

The metamorphosis is constant.

Expectations rise and fall.

Priorities shift.

But you are still YOU.

Never lose yourself.

With change comes growth.

With growth comes experience.

With experience is LIFE itself.

Nature does not evolve without change.

Yes, change is good. Change is hard.

But change builds character.

Change builds structure, discipline, and boundaries.

Never let change define but refine you.



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The Lily of the Valley has bloomed.

The prophesy is complete.

The Lily of the Valley crushed the weeds of sin and death.

Death is but a dying weed.

The garden of sin is pure.

For the Risen Savior prevails over all.



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The Lily of the Valley

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Power does not come without pain.

The dirt was extracted from the ground for the Cross.

A punishment was to take place.

Though three were to be punished, one was innocent.

The Lily of the Valley, a spotless flower was to be destroyed.

Though perfection came from the Father, blood had to be shed.

The Lily of the Valley had drops of sweat and blood as it hung on that tree.

All seemed lost but it had to die to be raised in power.



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Blissful Poem: The Amount of Value

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The assessment of your life depends on you and Christ alone.

You must wake up and live in your own shoes.

You must face the day.

No one lives in your shoes.

The profit on your life depends on your input and output

Don’t expect output without work.

Don’t expect input without work.

Your input reflects your output.

Jesus paid the expense for you.

An amount that we (you and I) could never pay.

So you are priceless.

So your value was paid.

You are IT in the eyes of the King.

You are of value to the King.

Never consider your worth as nothing.

Because you are somebody.